Friday, June 3, 2011

Prep, Prep & More Prep!

With our exams just around the corner, and end of term approaching fast, we dedicated this week to preparing and practicing. We teased, tweaked, and coloured wigs for our CATS and FILM CHARACTER make-ups, tidied our moustaches, and trialed some of the ‘looks’ we will be tested on. We even had a fretful last minute cleaning of kits, having been threatened we would lose marks for an untidy kit!

We finished our lessons on SPFX with ‘dead body’ make-ups, sharpening our skills on bruising, cuts, slit throats, bullet wounds. The effect was awesomely gruesome!

Our actors for the PROSTHETIC APPLICATION day joined us for a hair and costume trial. We were all happy with our creations, and as our characters begin to come to life, we become anxiously excited for the Big Day!One of the most valuable parts of the week was our lesson on ‘timing’, in which we had to produce a high fashion make-up under a time limit. The class created fantastic works, from Punk Militaries, to modern Victorian inspired, to Drag Queens! Under a time limit, we were disciplined to keep focus and concentrate on our subject, preparing us for when we are on the job and under pressure.We are all nervous for our exams, but with good training behind us, we are sure to produce more remarkable make-ups.

Natalie Rose - Student