Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exams & Prosthetic Application

Our second last week was possibly the most eventful so far. We were very busy Monday through Thursday with our practical exams, recreating famous film characters, cats, historical figures and more! I think we can all feel quite proud of ourselves for the work we put it. On Thursday we also had our written exam to see how much we absorbed from our lessons on script breakdown, continuity, SPFX and all the other subjects we've covered during the past 18 weeks. Fingers crossed we all did well!

Saturday was the day we'd been waiting for: the application of the facial prosthetics we've been designing, sculpting, casting and painting for months. We spent the whole day attaching the prosthetics to our models' faces, blending the edges and styling the overall look we wanted to create and the results were all FANTASTIC! It was an amazing to see our characters come to life. Then came the removal, which was almost as difficult as the application, depending on the amount of adhesive used. We owe a lot of thanks to the artists that donated their time to take us through the process and assist us throughout the day and the models that were so patient while we poked and prodded them.

Oh no, now we only have one week left! Whatever will we do?!

Rachel Greening - Student