Monday, February 8, 2010

Skin Care & Wig Knotting

We started the week with an intensive examination of ‘lips- luscious lips’ by Louise! We completed a full make-up with special emphasis on defining shape and correcting lip lines. Out in the workshop our sculptures that we are creating to make prosthetic masks are taking shape.

We took a comprehensive look at the various types of foundations that can be used for stage, film and High Definition TV. We investigated different brands, colours, textures and discovered how to select certain shades to correct colour imbalances.

The afternoon saw us busy with the guest beauty therapist Liane, who outlined the different skin types and the products needed for their care and maintenance. It's obviously very important to understand the different skin types, skin textures and skin conditions. What goes on must come off!! So we then learnt the correct way to remove all our handy work.

The art of wig knotting was taught to us by Penny, a professional wig maker who showed us how to create our own facial hair-pieces such as moustaches, sideburns and eyebrows. It's quite tricky as each hair is individually knotted with a wig-knotting hook through a fine lace backing.

It has been an intensive and enjoyable week, full of new experiences!

Jacinta Christos - Student