Thursday, February 25, 2010

Glamour to Stage

What a week! We made over each other from film glamour puss’s to stage characters from “Cats” the musical.

We all came out to play this week, between the different styles of make-up; our glamour make-up’s allowed us to play with eyelashes for the first time.

Our stage make-up was a chorus led by Lady Al Al Alice, with a brief visit from the dearly departed (but still very loud) Lucille Ball.

But our “Cats” characters were the highlight of the week! I believe Kristin was looking particularly wonderful as the cat “Exotica”, thanks to Jacinta’s beautiful blending, she must have had an interesting ride home on the train. I think the girls pulled this off in every sense of the word, if only we could sing and dance too! But we were trying hard to make our chosen character come alive under Louise’s expertise and all were purr purr perfectly wonderful.

Continuing with our sculpts has become a labour of love for all six girls (so hard to tear ourselves away) watching a character come to life from paper to clay – a 3-dimensional form that will become our foam latex prosthetic character make-up.

Rae Hennessy - Student