Friday, October 23, 2009

Pam Meager Visits from London

How exciting to have Pam Meager come in and spend time with us, explaining about On Set Protocols and Script Breakdown.

Pam has had an amazing career in the make-up industry and worked on so many important films and TV productions. She won a BAFTA Film Award for The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and was nominated for another BAFTA for Crime and Punishment.

The students were given a short course in applying bald-caps and introduced to some clever techniques for old age make-ups.

Pam was so impressed with our Master Classes Hand Book and all the reference material compiled in the course, that she wants to take it back to England and introduce it into there teaching system.

Pam has inspired us all with her quiet manner and wonderful stories of 40 years in the make-up and hair industry. Thank you kindly for spending time with us.