Saturday, April 25, 2009

Professional Make-up Photo Shoot a Buzz!

This week’s exercise was how to create Make-ups for a Professional Photo Shoot.

The students were involved in all aspects of the Photo Shoot, from meeting their models, to discussing the look to be achieved, hairstyles and wardrobe, before putting their work into practice.

Thanks to our great models, who were so accommodating and willing to allow the students to try a variety of different looks in preparation for the shoot at the end of the week.
The students worked on hairstyles with hair guru Warren. They quickly realized that recreating a successful style and look was hard work and required a lot of concentration and attention to detail.

Our photographer, Gavin Douchkov, arrived on the day with his camera and lighting equipment and the school was a buzz with excitement. They had two looks to produce using two different models. The students learnt how necessary it is to be well organized and efficient with their work, as there is no time for hold-ups in this industry - time is money.

The Photo Shoot ran smoothly and the students produced fantastic work. Gavin’s encouragement and practical advice on how to make a photo shoot work was inspiring for all involved.