Monday, April 25, 2011

Glamour Dilemmas

In a crash course in black and white photography, we were taught to be able to recognise how the shades and tints of various colours would convert into the grey-scale, creating the look for the black and white photos.

As Tuesday arrived, so did our professional photographer Gavin, and our beautiful models. After we created our natural and high fashion looks, our ‘standby kit’ skills were put to the test during the photo shoot with only a few mistakes (I forgot the lip gloss). Gavin and Louise both helped us to identify what we need to be looking out for on our models, as well as the correct lingo to call out so our perfect photo shot wouldn’t be ruined by us standing in the way.

While the glamour part of the week finished the fun was nowhere near over. Nick and Paul took us into the workshop to start our foam latex runs for our prosthetics, with the importance of temperature control, measurements and timeframes being made clear to us. With two goes at it, we were able to make our ‘Hero’ prosthetics. To finish off the week we were introduced to airbrushing. While some of us soon managed to create masterpieces, others mastered the skill of splattering - I think I need a little more practice...

Alexis Lynch - Student