Saturday, March 13, 2010

Make-up through Time

The week started with make-up based on the 1920's - Bobs and Marcelle Waves, porcelain skin and bow lips. Paler foundations and smokey eyes then developed into the 1940's look of more glamourous screen sirens, with blood red lips and well defined eye makeup. We had fun dressing these looks up with head scarves and fur coats!

We are all working busily on our paper mache masks, which are almost ready to be painted and decorated. We also continued wig knotting our moustaches.

The highlight of the week was the arrival of 5 male models who were subjected to 1800's looks, with powdered wigs quickly followed by a basic stage makeup and then a natural film look. They were all fabulous models and presented three very different looks.

A great week!

Jacinta Christos - Student